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Je ne sais pas si vous l'avez reçus, un mail de la part des la team Bing qui fait la promotion de l'APi.
Je pense qu'il ont eux mon adresse mail (d'un nouveau site) car jetait inscris sur l'équivalence de Google pour les Webmaster chez MSN.

Voici le courrier


As a valued partner in the Webmaster and Search community, we'd like you to be among the first to experience Bing™ and share some of its great new features. We also want to ensure you are aware of the existing and soon to be updated suite of tools available for you to power your site via

Bing is a new world of search services. It provides users with a powerful way to cut through the clutter and make more informed decisions. Among its new features:

* Instant Answers: finds specific answers to informational queries, e.g. "What is 55F in Celsius" offers rich media and structured data and a general search term like “weather” yields a 5-day forecast for your location.
* Preview: enables searchers to find out more information about a site by previewing individual results on the results page to reduce back-and-forth searching.
* Best Match: delivers results with deep links and highly relevant information to help searchers to get the right information faster.

So what does this mean to you? The API provides webmasters and developers programmatic access to Bing, offering ever more open, flexible options for building or enhancing your site or applications. You can learn more about the API at By August 30, 2009 all use of the Bing API must reflect brand attribution. If you are interested in using the API, please familiarize yourself with our terms of use located here.

Feedback and support can also be found in our new blogs and forums We are in the process of updating our site with new content and tools and will let you know when it is live later this month.

Thanks again for your partnership and for using the API and Webmaster tools. We look forward to your feedback and continued partnership.

The Bing Team
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Ouais reçu aussi et pourtant sans être inscrit sur MSN 8O
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De même...

Et donc :?:

Qu'en pensez vous ? J'arrive pas a voir si le "Bing Map" possède aussi une api...
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Ouaip, reçut aussi.